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Purpose of this Wiki

Did you want to phase out the Yahoo group, or duplicate the information there?

A wiki is not meant to replace a message board but rather compliment it. The message board is a great place to have a conversation. A wiki is more like a living FAQ or Users Manual that anyone can read or edit (although you must be logged in to edit). The purpose being that a comprehensive document set can be created by the entire web community rather than just by PONTECH. This concept is part of what is commonly known as Web 2.0, where the information is not created by a single entity and pushed, but rather created by a community and shared.

Is there a mechanism where you can regularly check and delete inappropriate material?

The entire history of the edits can be vied by clicking on the “Old revisions” button on the bottom of any page. Once on the old revisions page you can click the diff glasses (show differences to current version) to show the differences between the current version and any old versions. Old versions can be elevated back to the current version if vandalism takes place. If you see questionable information on the wiki that you are unsure of please report it to the and PONTECH will evaluate it for correctness or harsher action such as removing editing privileges for the user who added it.


The ability for a new user to register has be disabled due to wiki spam. If you would like to have edit access to this wiki, please e-mail

Contact Us

ProLinear/PONTECH Inc.
9978 Langston Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Toll Free(877)985-9286

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