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Getting Started with HyperTerminal

HyperTerminal is a multipurpose text terminal communications program available on various versions of Windows. Here you will learn how to use HyperTerminal to open a serial connection and communicate with a Pontech Board.

Start HyperTerminal.

Here is a quick way to start HyperTerminal.

You can also start HyperTerminal through the Start Menu following:

Start » All Programs » Accessories » Communication » HyperTerminal

Silly Dialogs

Every time you start HyperTerminal you will be bugged with these silly dialogs unless you supply an Area Code.

Name Connection

When you close this connection you will be asked to save it for later use. So give it a good name!

Configure Connection

Select the ComPort you believe your Pontech Board is connected to.

Adjust the COM Properties to communicate with your Pontech Board. Below is a list of appropriate setting per Pontech Product.

ProductBaudrateData BitsStop BitsParityFlowcontrol
SV203x9600 bps81NoneNone
STP10x9600 bps81NoneNone
HBC101115200 bps81NoneNone

The dialog below will function with either an SV203x or STP10x.

There are a few more things we need to configure in order to better display the data being exchanged in the terminal window.

Open “File » Properties” in the main HyperTerminal window.

Locate the “Settings” Tab and click on the “ASCII Settings” Button.

We now need to enable “Send line ends with line feeds”, “Echo typed charactors locally”, and “Append line feeds to incoming lines ends”.


At last we are able to communicate! Start by issuing the “V?” command. The “V?” command is recognized by all Pontech Controllers to report the Model & Firmware Version of the connected Product.

Saving Your Connection

After closing, you will be asked to save your Connection(COM Configuration).

Saving your Connection will add a convenient shortcut from which you can open a HyperTerminal window and begin communicating with one mouse click!

Saved Connections are made available at:

Start » All Programs » Accessories » Communications » HyperTerminal » <Connection Name>


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