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Ascent Control

How to customize the beep tone

Customizing the beep tone of the Ascent Vario is possible using the Ascent Control software.

  1. Run Ascent Control
  2. Connect Vario to PC
  3. Select menu item Flght→User Settings…
  4. Click “Read” button to read current settings
  5. Modify settings to you desire
  6. Click “Write” button to upload new settings to the Vario

Beep Parameters Explained

General Notes:

  1. All values stored internally in the Ascent Vario are in metric.
  2. Altitude data is in mm
  3. Velocity data is in mm/s
  4. If gap1_time_max is set to 0 then single beep mode, and only gap2 is used.
  5. If gap1_time_max is not set to 0 then double beep mode, and only gap1 is the gap between the first and second beep.


Sink Alarm (mm)

velocity at with the sink alarm come on if the sink alarm flag is set.

Launch Detect Threshold (mm)

relative change in altitude from time fly mode has been entered required for launch detect

Vertical Speed Integration Time

time (in seconds) from which the current altitude is compared against to calculate the displayed velocity

Beep Sensitivity (mm/s)

minimum velocity that must be archived for audio lift alert to be played

Lowest Pitch (Hz)

frequency of audio lift alert at 0 mm/s lift

Highest Pitch (Hz) (velocity_tone_freq_min_Hz)

maximum frequency of audio lift alert

Pitch Scalar (velocity_tone_freq_scaler_mmps)

scaler used to calculate audio lift alert frequency as velocity changes velocity_tone_freq_Hz = ( velocity / velocity_tone_freq_scaler_mmps) + velocity_tone_freq_min_Hz

Max Beep Time (ms) (beep_time_max)

maximum beep_time

Min Beep Time (ms) (beep_time_min)

minimum beep_time

Beep Time Scalar (beep_time_scaler)

Double Beep Max Gap (ms)


Double Beep Min Gap (ms)


Double Beep Gap Scalar


Beep Max Gap (ms)


Beep Min Gap (ms)


Beep Gap Scalar


beep_time = beep_time_max - (velocity / beep_time_scaler)
gap1_time = gap1_time_max - (velocity / gap1_time_scaler)
gap2_time = gap2_time_max - (velocity / gap2_time_scaler)
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