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The UAV100 is an evolutionary motion control product based on a Microchip chipKIT PIC32. The board can both control as well as capture RC (Radio Control) servo PPM (Proportional Pulse Modulation) signals at resolutions not seen in other servo control products.

The board has eight high resolution PPM outputs and eight high resolution PPM inputs. Unused servo output pins can be reconfigured as digital outputs for controlling on/off devices. Four of these outputs have been buffered so that small devices such as relays and solenoids may be directly driven.


  • USB and RS232 interfaces
  • Addressable up to 255 boards
  • Dimensions: 50.8mm x 90mm
  • 115,200bps maximum true RS-232 level IO
  • Eight (100ns) resolution PPM outputs
  • Eight PPM inputs with (100ns) resolution
  • Unused servo outputs can be reconfigured for digital output.
  • Unused servo inputs can be reconfigured for digital input. All of which are buffered for up to a 40V input signal.
  • Field Upgradeable Firmware

UAV100 / HBC101 Protocol Differences

The HBC101 can accept more the one command in a single line (ASCII<13> terminated string). The UAV100 (at this time) requires an ASCII<13> after each command.

How to switch to PPM routing using SV15 input with PPM control

One possible use of the mapping feature of the UAV100 is to allow a single servo inputs control whether servo PPM signals are passed through the board or if control is from the serial port. To set this up the following instructions should be followed:

The mapping to map the inputs to the outputs is not set up by default anymore and you must set it yourself (and each time a firmware upgrade is done).

The Commands you may need are:

WSS Save Settings to memory so they are used after power up without always having to change them

SSD Servo Mapping Default 0 to 0, 1 to 1, …, 15 to 15 (default that your board came with)

SSP Maps Input to Outputs 8 to 0, 9 to 1, …, 14 to 6

SSn m Maps Servo n to position m (changes mappings one at a time)

SSR Copy Servo Mapping to Ram

SSM Show Current Mapping Something like this:

        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

PIVOTn Determines if the switchover between Remote and autonomous control uses servo value (1) or ttl (0)

To change it to pass signals through send the SSP command (to map them all at once) or the SSn m (to map them one at a time).

You then need to Send SSR to Copy the mapping to ram.

If you don't want to have to do that every time you power up the board then Send WSS to Save the settings to EEPROM.

Now your mapping will remain as the settings until you write something different using WSS or you update the firmware.

After Changing the map use a PPM or TTL signal (depending on the state you chose using PIVOTn) on input 15 high it uses the default map (local control) an if it is low it uses the map you entered into ram.

How to switch to PPM routing using SV15 input with PPM control

The UAV100 has new relay commands the command set to control the four relay drivers.

To use the relay driver commands, to turn on then off relay 3 issue:

rly3 1 rly3 0

The command is in the format:

rlyN B

Where N = 0, 1, 2 or 3 and B is 0 or 1.

How to Compile the Firmware

Start with mpide-0023-windows-20111221 (Only tested on windows systems)

Download and unzip the following file then merge with your mpide folder overwriting the old files with the new ones

Now you can compile using board chipKIT USBONO

Source code is at

You may also need the driver from for the computer to recognise the hardware

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